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Ducktails - Letter of Intent
  • Artist: Ducktails
  • Song: Letter of Intent
  • Album: Spring (Or The Love In Between) Vol. 3
  • 30

Breathless vocals, spoken as if between kisses. A string of electronic notes spinning off into the future. It’s refreshing when people make their intentions clear.

Follow you, you follow me
To the top and then we’ll see
Swing with you, you swing with me
‘Til our heart’s content
Follow you, you follow me
To the top and then we’ll see
Swing with you, you swing with me
Letter of intent

Alpine - Gasoline
  • Artist: Alpine
  • Song: Gasoline
  • Album: Gasoline - Single
  • 30

Who knew a song entitled “Gasoline" could be a love song? But oh yes, when there are flames in your heart, Gasoline becomes the elixir of love. Sprightly guitars. Winsome breathy vocals. How you feel on a spring day when the air is just warm enough to caress your legs without the need for tights.

Scott Matthews - Eyes Wider Than Before
  • Artist: Scott Matthews
  • Song: Eyes Wider Than Before
  • Album: Passing Stranger
  • 32

Is it better to be the one waiting at home or the one out on the road? Though there’s an end to the journey, can we make it come any faster by being in transit or finding distractions at home? Getting lost in the rhythmic stutter of the dotted center-line, the beats of sunset to sunrise. Through the ebb and flow of the day, I’m attuned to the passage of time, both hating and loving the speed with which it flies. When agan we reunite, I’m older, but closer to you.

Your eyes are wider than before
So little has changed but your eyes now see much more

“It’s not her reaction to you that matters; it’s your reaction to her reaction.”

- Jordan Harbinger


  • M: Wanna hang out on Friday?
  • R: Sure, what time?
  • M: noon? 1? i'll bring tacos.
  • R: okay. no flour though!
  • M: since when did good tacos have flour in them? Nick's Crispy Tacos excluded…
  • R: Just sayin. Flour tortillas dude.
  • M: come on... have you ever had/seen a flour tortilla in chicago? i think not. anyway, i know you're gluten-free. i've known it for a while. i understand the parameters of a gluten-free lifestyle completely so you don't have to remind me every time i suggest food. i got it. and will assume so until i hear differently from you. end of story. cool?
  • (later)
  • M: sorry, i don't mean to come off bratty sounding. i'm sure you have to beat it into many of your friends/dates heads. but not me…
  • R: Actually, brat, you don't understand the parameters, because I don't lead a "gluten free" lifestyle. I'm a fucking caveman. RAWR
  • M: cavewoman, bitch…
  • R: fuck you and your gender norms.
  • M: fuck you and your… cave?
Wake! Owl - Gold
  • Artist: Wake! Owl
  • Song: Gold
  • Album: Wild Country EP
  • 50

This song is a roller-coaster of the heart. It starts out beating slow, a car on the track, you can hear the cables clicking and creaking as you climb the great hill, your view of the boardwalk falling away below, the sound of waves crashing on the beach dwindle, drowned out by the sounds of the machine, people and cars become tiny toys in the distance. Then when you feel you can’t take the build-up any longer you lurch over the edge in a series of drops and crests, each wave tossing your insides as your arms fly up, you cry out, the camera flashes as you swerve by, the violins squealing as the car—full of relieved and panting passengers—coasts into the wheelhouse as they ask themselves if they’ll get in line to ride the Big Dipper again.

Will you ride again?

“The mightiest beasts of the African jungles and the most fearsome of the oceanic leviathans would be picayune as they were overcome for me to follow the ground you had stepped upon.”

Musikanto - Every Which Way
  • Artist: Musikanto
  • Song: Every Which Way
  • 26

Apparently he’s changed his name to Crow Moses, but Musikanto was the monniker on this song as it came to me, with twangy vocals, upbeat riffs, and freight train rhythms. It cheers me and makes me want to sing love songs to everyone.

I want your love right in front of me
I want it every which way
I need not know where you come from my darlin
Just that you wanna stay
Just that you wanna stay

Also, super weird — I was sitting at a café this morning and a guy walked by in a hat like the one this gent is wearing in the video on his website… but I think it was actually Mr. Crow Moses. I swear to god it looks like him, but I only just decided to post the song when I got home, and only then found the website and identifying video.

I tell you… there have been some really weird music coincidences going on around me these days.

Mutual Benefit - Advanced Falconry
  • Artist: Mutual Benefit
  • Song: Advanced Falconry
  • 24

For the birds who fly in and out and occasionally perch on my window-sill.

This is not a song about birds. Just thought I’d mention that.

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)
  • Artist: Future Islands
  • Song: Seasons (Waiting On You)
  • 100

When I was 28 I dated a young man 10 years my junior. He was one of the most uncharacteristic people I could have ever considered but he had a habit of saying incredibly adult things. One of the things he said was that that relationships have seasons and that you sometimes have to wait them out till you pass through the tough ones.

I’ve written and talked a lot these past few weeks with friends and strangers about relationships and interactions and a lot of it has felt pretty heavy, leaving people with an edge of modern-era-dating-fail.

I look at it differently. This winter was a cold time for me emotionally. I didn’t really connect well with anyone and I didn’t want to. I was in hibernation. I think this is true for other people, and that while some of us have thawed out a little faster, the rest of the populaton is still getting the feeling back in their limbs. My own growing pains from transitioning through this season have left me a little achy. Whether what you’re currently experiencing is actually seasonal, or you’re in a timeline with its own pattern, you’re in *a* season of life, of friendships, of love or not-love.

Whatever’s happening for you is part of your development—emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and the only question is whether you’ll change and learn, or if you’ll calcify and harden your beliefs. It’s easy to learn the wrong lessons… to learn not to trust, not to risk, not to open up, because that hurts so damn much when you do and you get rejected. I dare say, it’s the most terrifying thing for people who would otherwise jump out of planes, gamble their savings or risk their lives for more trivial thrills.

As a result of awakening into my own personal spring, a few things have come to light. Other people are going through their own seasons, and those seasons change. It’s not easy, but sometimes someone comes out of hibernation when you least expect it, you re-kindle an old friendship, or work out an old problem that you thought was intractable. Some people change.

I’ve been loving this song, especially the live performance on David Letterman. I wish I could find the first commentary that turned me on to Future Islands, because that writer described perfectly the many interesting things that happen with the singer during this performance. His expression—so raw, emotional, a little awkward and so wonderfully real that I can’t stop playing it. Just take a breath, and remember that seasons change. I’m waiting on you.

Mumford and Sons - White Blank Page
  • Artist: Mumford and Sons
  • Song: White Blank Page
  • 24

Sometimes, I grow so tired of talking, of all the words. Quiet togetherness would be preferable.

On my cross-town walk on Thursday morning I listened again to so many of the tracks that carried, nay… haunted me on the last days of the epic hike along the West Highland Way last spring.

I can’t even begin to put to words all the things I am thinking, not withstanding, what I feel.

She Bitches About Boys (Marilyn Hacker)

To live on charm, one must be courteous.

To live on others’ love, one must be loveable.

Some get away with murder being beautiful.

Girls love a sick child or a healthy animal.

A man who’s both itches them like an incubus.

But I, for one, have had a bellyful

of giving reassurances and obvious

advice with scrambled eggs and cereal;

then bad debts, broken dates, and lecherous

onanastic dreams of estival

nights when some high-strung, well-hung, penurious

boy, not knowing what he’d get, could be more generous.

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