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Hey Ruby i was wondering have you ever done massage while working around the world teaching dance? Also what is your take on forgiveness if someone makes a mistake?

I have to say, these are pretty weird questions. And, if you’re asking about a “mistake” relative to me, you should probably just contact me directly to talk about it. There’s no pat answer that I can put here. I will say, it is easy to be unforgiving with people who never bother to explain themselves.

The Love Language - Golden Age
  • Artist: The Love Language
  • Song: Golden Age
  • Album: Ruby Red
  • 60

I was looking around for info on The Love Language and discovered their recent album is entitled Ruby Red. Huh. Curious timing as well.

Epic, symphonic, reminiscent of something I loved in the 90’s… or was that the 60’s?

Erika Spring - Hidden (Sportag Remix)
  • Artist: Erika Spring
  • Song: Hidden (Sportag Remix)
  • 32

Remix culture often confuses me, especially if I come into contact with the remixed version of a song before I hear the original. I often get more attached to the remix, as I have in this case. Spring’s voice has been completely re-processed to sound as if she’s an entirely different race of non-human. It’s background music; a soundtrack of the future, with glowing walls and clean lined transportation tubes. Maybe I just wish that things felt as simple and clean as this song.

Ray Brown, Gene Harris & Jeff Hamilton — Summertime

Do you remember those late nights on hard wood floors, in houses we didn’t own, with friends we’d just met where the warm heat of moving bodies made the windows opaque, and steam floated off our shirts outside in the cold misty morning. When barely a word was spoken except for a quiet murmer of those nestled in the corner as we worked over the wood, polishing it with our bare feet, trying to find every note with our hips and shoulders and fill every pause with the stretch between. Do you remember that familiar moment as the rhythm kicked up and we transitioned from the gentle questioning of our moving meditation to the comfortable stretch of swing-outs and then settled back into the gentle sway, only to be rocked again by the hammer of fingers on keys. The joyous sway of the rocking floor filled the room with a sense of celebration and the applause in the back of that recording we felt was as much for us as it was our vaunted piano man. Do you remember all those late nights that stretched into mornings, when we didn’t have ways of describing our dance, but we danced it with every fiber in our being?

“To speak honestly and without artifice.
To give openly and without reward.
To listen silently with no need for reproach.
To be present without affect.”

“The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.”

- Carol Dweck
Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)
  • Artist: Jaymes Young
  • Song: Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)
  • 60

I haven’t danced in my kitchen alone in a long time. But this is is the type of song that would inspire a solo jam between the teapots and stove.

Jaymes Young feels like a mix between Maroon 5 and James Blake, in all the best possible ways.

Speaking of Rape Culture… how about #yesallprisoners?

Interesting that prison rape is a funny joke on TV sitcoms and animated films.

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between her work and her play, her labor and her leisure, her mind and her body, her information and her recreation, her love and her religion. She hardly knows which is which. She simply pursues her vision of excellence at whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing. To her she’s always doing both.”

- James A. Michener (slightly modified by Andi Hawley)
Poolside - Slow Down
  • Artist: Poolside
  • Song: Slow Down
  • Album: Pacific Standard Time
  • 39

Today I rode down to the Lakefront path here in Chicago for a meeting at one of the Harbors. (A meeting, right? Sounds vague and mysterious, like a date, or a drug deal? Nope, just a meeting about a future event thingy… on the lake.) As soon as I hit the pavement after exiting my therapist’s gently cooled apartment, I became aware of just what summer can really feel like. With humidity today it “feels like” 91°. So, I cruised gently, without pushing too hard, and when I turned onto the lakefront path and coasted up the harbor, I remembered the swimsuit I didn’t put on under my clothes this morning and was filled with regret.

How I’d love to take the plunge and swim in the still cool waters. Tomorrow morning perhaps… before the sun is high. Till then, I’ll slow down.


I prefer to be hungry and lean
in a state of satisfied emptiness.
I crave a little, but he said, “you like to miss things.”
So I miss you, the way I miss food.

When the dish is served, I gorge myself
Unafraid of growing too full
too fat
because there’s room to spare.